Volvo Michaux Endurance Series


2015 Volvo Michaux Endurance Series


Michaux Maximus – May 3rd

Curse of Dark Hollow – July 19th

Terror of Teaberry – September 27th


 This year we will be changing the format of our series slightly. All loops will still be single lap but will be have 30, 20, 10 and now a 5 mile family fun loop. This goal of this is to hopefully bring in more youth…the future of our sport.The 30 mile winners receive a envelope stuffed with cash and the 20 and 10 mile winners get a pick from our MASSIVE prize table.



Michaux Maximus

Michaux Maximus is the first race in the Volvo Michaux Endurance Series. This race is held in the same location as the famed Iron Masters races held in the 1990′s leaving from the Bendersville lot on Pine Grove Furnace Road. Michaux Maximus is your classic Michaux race, encompassing 10, 20 and 30 miles single loops that is a challenge for anyone. Maximus has everything from tight smooth single track to ATV trails with bone jarring rocks. If you truly want to test your mountain biking abilities, this is the race for you!?




2015 5 Mile Maximus Results

2015 10 Mile Maximus Results

2015 20 Mile Maximus Results

2015 30 Mile Maximus Results





The Curse Of Dark Hollow

The Curse of Dark Hollow is the second stop in our race series. This race begins and finishes on Big Flat off of Shippensburg Road. This race started in 1996 and has continued to push the limits of mountain biking in the forest. Rich Winkelmann, of the race directors said, “These events aren’t about pomp and circumstance. This is a blood sport. Its really about the technical challenge that Michaux presents to the riders, which we feel is the very heart of mountain biking. The gnarlier and more mysterious, the better! Is there another way to do it?” This also has 10, 20 and 30 mile single courses.




The Terror Of Teaberry

The final race in our series is the Terror of Teaberry which debuted in 2000. The Teaberry parking lot is in South Mountain off of Coldspring Road. Jeremiah Bishop raced our course a few years ago and said that mile for mile, it was the hardest race he had done in the WORLD! The south side offers some of the most technical trails in the forest that we try to link together without any road sections. The fall season always provides such a beautiful course. This race also has 10, 20 and 30 mile single loop courses. This is the best part of the forest to ride!


Want to do it the old fashioned way? Download the 2015 Michaux Endurance Series Waiver and mail it on in to us!




2015 Race Maps


Michaux Maximus 10 Mile

Michaux Maximus 20 Mile

Michaux Maximus 30 Mile

Curse Of Dark Hollow 10 Mile

Curse Of Dark Hollow 20 Mile

Curse Of Dark Hollow 30 Mile



2014 Race Maps

Michaux Maximus 10 Mile

Michaux Maximus 20 Mile

Michaux Maximus 40 Mile


Curse Of Dark Hollow 10 Mile

Curse Of Dark Hollow 20 Mile

Curse Of Dark Hollow 40 Mile


Terror Of Teaberry 10 Mile

Terror Of Teaberry 20 Mile

Terror Of Teaberry 40 Mile




Pre-Registration closes 7/12 at 11:45 p.m. And Will re-open as Race Day Registration!


Preregistration Rates

5 mile – $10


10 mile – $40 *

20 mile – $50 *

30 mile – $60 *

*Included Michaux Endurance T-Shirt and post race meal

Race Day Registration starting at 7/13 12:15 a.m.

Race Day Rates
5 mile – $10

10 mile – $50 *

20 mile – $60 *

30 mile – $70 *

  * Includes a post race meal and NO T-Shirt

Start Times


 30 mile – 9:00
 20 mile, 10 mile, then 5 mile – 10:00


What do you get if you race the 10, 20 or 30?

1. You get that feeling of euphoria and accomplishment from finishing one of the toughest races there is.
2. You get stocked aid stations on the course with GU, water, cyctosport, candy and more
3. Post-race meal.
4. Race T-Shirt.

5. 30 mile podium finishers receive cash prize

6. 10 and 20 mile podium finishers receive pick from prize table

7. Enter all three to qualify for the overall series title at the end of the series

8.First place finishers get box of the The Right Stuff




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