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April 4

We have a new site. Goto for the new site. This site will be shut down after April 23.

March 29

New race flier is up. Look at the race classes and age groups. Some changes have come about. Also if you want to be in the money you must now race the Monster! Expert is no longer a money class. New web site will be up in the next day or two. Shop ride Wednesday at 5:00pm. Come out and take a lap.

Jan 5 2006!

Race dates for 2006 Monsters of Michaux are Maximus 4/23/06, Dark Hollow 7/23/06, Teaberry 9/24/06. More info to come. Happy new year!

Sep 27

Well how about that two days after the race and the results are posted! Am I fast or what. You know I do it for all of you. The race was a great course with great weather. We had a lot of fun putting this race on I hope you had as much fun on the trails. See ya next year.

Sep 20


Aug 10

This years Teaberry is going to be The one you tell your grand kids about. The new course is the best yet. With such a awesome course and a rider limit of 350 registration could get interesting. The course is posted so check out how good it is going to be!

July 25

What a great weekend and race. Thanks to everyone who came out to race and help make the race happen. Especially me! I had to suffer through having so much fun to bring you a good race! Thanks to me Ha Ha! Now for those of you who so badly want to ask me "What place did I come in?, What place did my friend and his two cousins come in?" leave me alone and go check the results.

July 15

DCNR has given us a rider limit of 350 riders for Teaberry. We have never had a limit before. This means preregistration is the only way to guarantee you will be able to register. So get your forms in early to beat the rush. Messages will be provided race day by Kelly Kondner for a fee..

June 21

We just mailed out the fliers for the Curse yesterday. If you don't see one soon let us know.

If you can't download, let us know and we will send you one.

April 30
All results are up!

April 29
All results but the beginner class. Thanks to Jacob Von Gettier for getting the results to you fast. Rich still loves you!

April 27
Sorry Mr. Reed. Your name has been fixed.

April 26
The race was cold but good! If you didn't make it you missed out on a great time. Wimps! I am posting expert results today. I will post the rest when I get them from the Abandoner of Delaware! Lots of T-shirts left over from the race $10.00! for you. E-mail us if you want to look cool in one.

April 21
First race of the Mega Series is Sunday rain or shine. See you there!!!

March 28
The new flier and waiver are now up. All of the spelling mistakes are put in to see if you are paying attention.

March 5
The maps for Maximus are now up!!! The maps may change due to logging in many areas of the forest!!
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March 3
Check out our SUPER SALE! We are working on the flier and the Maximus maps. They will be up next week!

Feb 15
Yes I know the flier has not been updated for 2005. I am not the flier guy Rich is. So complain to him. I will bug him to have it up soon!

Feb 4

Welcome to the new Michaux Mega Series web page! I hope this new page works better for some of you. There were a number of web borrowers that didn't like to play nicely with our old page. If you are having problems with the page please let me know. The results pages aren't up yet. I hope to have them up this week.X

This is it! The one you have heard so much about! Fabled as the most challenging and demanding race series on the East Coast.

Michaux Maximus - April 23 2005

Curse of Dark Hollow - July 23 2005

Terror of Teaberry - September 24 2005

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